Digital Marketing Consultant- Improve Revenue, Sales, ROI of B2B & B2C Business

Digitally Growth Marketing Consultant

MediaSetu, a trusted digital marketing consultant owned by young and creative freelancers and consultants, offering a result-driven online internet marketing service with a focus on growing the business and ROI of domestic and international customers. Whether you want to boost sales and conversions, customer’s footfall to your online presence, or both, MediaSetu can help you with a creative digital campaign to reach you on the goal that your business deserves.

Digital Marketing Consultant Proven to Increase Revenue

Nowadays, Digital marketing is the key business tool for all industries to get their business on the right track digitally as it enable them to power up to go for the next level. MediaSetu is a leading Online/Digital marketing consultant offering a comprehensive range of services to help small, medium, and big businesses and entrepreneurs.

The goal of MediaSetu is to overcome the difficulties and solve the problems that most businesses face, in order to get, maximizes their productivity through a digital way. With the complete range of digital marketing consultancy services includes search marketing, social media marketing, advertising, content marketing we ensure you that your online business website will reach the place that you are expecting.

Digital Marketing for Micro, Small & Medium Business

MediaSetu is a trusted Digital marketing consultant, we help Micro, Small & Medium Business, and brands grow online and earn more revenue from their business. Business success is possible without targeting loyal customers and awareness of customers to brands or businesses.

Why a Digital Marketing Consultant MediaSetu?

  • Over 7-Years track record of digital marketing solution
  • Deploy a sales-driven approach to target requirements and achieve hem
  • Static and dynamic website promotion that hosted on different platforms
  • Trained & certified consultant of Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
  • Website performance monitor and develop an approach to boost sales and traffic of the website

Benefits of Working with MediaSetu

  • Round-the-clock support clients
  • Cost-effective solutions for your digital needs
  • On-time reporting and meeting for new strategies
  • Always fallow direct sales-driven approach
  • Implement an approach to boost return on investment
  • Website monitoring with paid trusted tools
  • Tools we use Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Alexa, WooRank, etc

Our Deliverance

Search Engine Optimisation


Social Media Marketing


Pay Per Click


Lead Generation


Digital Analytics



  • To grow their business and earn more profits online.
  • To set up a strong and transparent online marketing goal.
  • The sales-driven digital marketing strategy that focuses on a goal.
  • To achieve both short-term and long-term goals through marketing.
  • To create good customer relationships and customers’ footfalls to store.
  • To expand business in a new market with a new audience and challenges.
  • To understand how other business is marketing themselves online
Business growth through digital planning & marketing
We, MediaSetu helps Micro, Small, Medium enterprises, brands, business and entrepreneur drive business growth through our well planned digital marketing consulting services, including search engine ranking, pay-per-click and social media advertising promotion and conversion tracking.

Role of Digital Marketing Consultant with Business?

The Digital marketing consultant is someone who is creative, strategist, skilled professional with experience in Search engine optimization to rank website effectively, paid advertising, branding, lead generation, and other such digital marketing knowledge to help businesses derive sales and conversion. MediaSetu is one of them, dealing with business growth system and helping business. But now the question is what digital marketing consultant does and what’s the role of a digital marketing consultant to boost business.

Some of the typical responsibilities that we take care of as a digital marketing consultant:

  • Work out on to find new opportunities for business/brands with current customers and grab the attention of new loyal customers.
  • Analyze current ongoing marketing, such as keywords ranking on the search engine, business social signals, email, and SMS marketing performance, and use them to build a new effective digital marketing plan that can give extra benefits to the business.
  • Improve business branding so that it resonates healthier with customers and prospective customers.
  • Organic and paid Social media campaigning on social networking channels where the actual audiences are available and that help to improve clients engagement and communication
  • Content marketing on free and paid platforms, such as blogging, article posting, press release, reviews, guest blogging and ensure that all content is first reader-friendly and search friendly and rank the content link in Google and other search engines.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) for local search and PPC for local search to improve store ranking in search map with sales driven keywords.  Nowadays, local search plays an impressive role to improve sales.
  • Use Google Analytics and trusted tools, such as Agrefs, SEMRush, Search Console, MOZ, WooRank, and other tools to monitor and ensure that optimal results are achieved.