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Expert and Certified SEO Consultants

An expert and certified SEO consultant aim at driving Micro, Small & Medium Business beyond expected results and simultaneously build up impressive ROI, targeted traffic, and outstanding presence on SERPs. 

SEO consultants and freelancers render creative search marketing tasks and save the souls by providing exceptional consultancy services to businesses functioning under wider setups and global patterns. As a certified SEO consultant, we help businesses and evolving digital brands to resolve the gremlins and let them achieve the goals within the specified time frames.




The Novel COVID Economy Dictates

  • Finding new customers in the new markets
  • Direct sales-driven traffic to their website
  • Increase profit and revenues while reducing spending costs
  • Increase trust factor of customers
  • Boost Click through rate and organic ranking
Business after LOCKDOWN

In the new digital era, the businesses strive for the Top, Trusted, and Honest SEO consultants who can achieve their goals, and are also realistic and dynamic in the metrics.  For SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) it becomes quite significant to get their businesses listed on the top in the burgeoning and ever-growing online ecosystem. MediaSetu is among the very few trusted SEO consultants and freelancers, offering a whole gamut of consultancy and SEO services to brands and businesses and help them leverage imposing ranks on popular search engines.

SEO Consultancy Services from MediaSetu:  What is Included in It

MediaSetu, is a top-notch SEO services and SEO Consultant provider proffering a host of services such as keywords research, website analysis, competitor analysis, content marketing, etc. that help the businesses to grow and become responsible for their clients. As a professional SEO consultant, it is our onus to dig deep into the roots of the problems and identify correctly and implement strategies from a huge pool of SEO on-page and SEO off-page optimization techniques such that results are realistic as well as create value for the money. The SEO services are custom designed by MediaSetu and are completely transparent and meet the business needs of clients. We promise only what we can deliver ethically for your business growth.

Here’s what we can do for your online business:

  • Complete Website audit & analysis
  • Competitive Market Research for the business
  • Sales driven keyword research and analysis
  • Keyword-based content marketing
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Informational content social sharing
  • SEO Tags Placements
  • Link building & management

Why Choose Result Oriented SEO Consultants?

Hiring any run of the mill stuff SEO consultants is not a big task but hiring Top and Result Oriented SEO Consultants or Freelancers is certainly difficult, because not all SEO consultants can ensure you deliver the top-ranking result truly. At MediaSetu, we are having more than seven years of experience to deal with search results and we are always apprised with Google updates, ranking techniques, search-friendly content marketing, keywords placement techniques, and other such techniques.

Our SEO consultancy services can help you with any type of website either its static website or dynamic website. We plan a website optimization strategy according to the client’s needs and their website. Our main focus is to minimize spend and maximize profit through effective SEO techniques.

We have a team of #1 SEO consultants who is on the vigil round the clock for clients and delivering outstanding results. If you are fighting with search ranking on any search engine do let us know. We can help you with the better SEO solutions that will be cost-effective and result-driven.

Here are some reasons to choose us as an SEO Consultant:

  • Improve Search ranking of your website
  • Improve business visibility on the internet
  • Derive sales-driven traffic to the website
  • Improve customer’s footfall to the local business place
  • Audience tracking and monitoring
  • Remarketing of an audience through a paid campaign

How Micro, Small & Medium Business can take benefits of SEO Consultants?

Legitimate ways to establish and reach to end-users/customers. It is a great opportunity for Micro, Small & Medium Business to grow their presence online and earn more profits. MediaSetu is a one-stop consultant for Micro, Small & Medium Business. Besides, we also help businesses with domain registration, web hosting, web design, development, online advertising, all of which can be achieved in cost-effective ways.

Search Engine ranking for Micro, Small & Medium Business Website

As MediaSetu is a trusted SEO consultant, we are fully aware of the techniques that help Micro, Small & Medium Business websites to rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all major search engines and organic traffic. Its fact, organic traffic is playing a role in order to improve sales and conversions, improve loyal customer engagement, better CTR.

Come, Let’s Take a Shot and Aim for a Higher Business Proclivity!